Universally admired.
Uncommon, exquisite, decisive for the success of a label: this is what we do.

Who should you ask? The designers and the staff of the fashion houses we’ve been working with for over thirty years.
Step by step, it is our hands that turn the stroke of genius and the extraordinary inspiration of designers into garments: sumptuous, special, uniquely desirable creations, a triumph of voluptuous fabrics, discreet stitching and skilful, glamorous workmanship designed to spark a frisson of pure pleasure at first sight, at first touch.
Just behind the talent and creative élan of the master designers lies our distinctive, irreplaceable creativity, crafted from experience, technique and research.

Since 1979, Atelier Stimamiglio has been working hand in hand with fashion houses and designers in Italy and beyond to craft and produce pret-à-porter and pret-à-couture collections.

This 360° service for the luxury fashion industry evolves daily, with new developments that keep it in line with contemporary approaches. It is organised into the following areas:

_ Creation of models and prototypes
_ Production and development of VIP garments and items for fashion shows
_ Sourcing and purchase of materials
_ Organisation and management of industrialisation and production.