Atelier Stimamiglio - Modelli e Prototipia

Each collection has its own unique heart. All it takes to breath life into it.

Lightweight fabrics are our passion, the art that truly inspires us, in all their various expressions: from youthful, minimalist, cutting-edge designer pieces to more complex, elaborate garments, structured with folds and biases.

Atelier Stimamiglio - Modelli e Prototipia

Our invaluable resources: eight pattern makers, each with their own special talent.

Atelier Stimamiglio - Modelliste

Our invaluable resources: our pattern makers, each with their own special talent and approach to fabrics and lines, each equally adept at offering a masterful interpretation of the creative sensibilities of the designer. The close collaboration with the prototyping staff allows Atelier Stimamiglio to handle highly structured collections and interface effectively with the style office of clients in Milan, Florence, Paris, London and New York, in search of the most appropriate fit.

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All the prototypes are created entirely in-house.

Atelier Stimamiglio - Prototipi
Atelier Stimamiglio - Prototipi

All the prototypes are created entirely in-house by an expert team of dressmakers, using sewing machines with settings for a variety of types of finishes and on mannequins with the same characteristics as the models used by each individual client.

Atelier Stimamiglio pattern makers oversee the creation of the prototypes, show samples, VIP and press samples and samples for pre-production.


Atelier Stimamiglio - Produzione e messa a punto

Our expertise, behind a successful fashion show.

When everything has to look perfect, when it’s the details that make the difference, when every second counts. And above all, when those on the catwalk and at the side of it really matter. Atelier Stimamiglio’s experience and professional skills make the difference to a fashion show, and when it comes to preparing outfits for celebrities and style ambassadors.

We work hand in hand with our clients’ style offices, following their guidelines to ensure everything we do – even at the last minute – helps to create just the right impact and has just the right influence on opinions, judgements and decisions. At the heart of a collection’s image, we seek to help the right hearts skip a beat. Exactly when it matters.

In addition, our staff takes care of adapting the garments after the model casting, adjusting features and details both before and during the shows. We also offer consulting and operational support during encounters with VIP clients.


In the world of style, we feel right at home.

The offer is immensely varied, but in order to select and offer clients the very best, to pinpoint exactly what’s required for an impeccable result, in-depth knowledge of the sector is essential, together with a broad, varied network of suppliers and exceptionally sound experience. Fabrics, embroidery, pleating, laminates, accessories and distinctive workmanship techniques: letting us take care of sourcing materials is a winning, effective option every time.

At the client’s request, Atelier Stimamiglio can also take care of purchasing raw materials, accessories or other elements, including special or exclusive items. Our tried and tested method stretches across all stages of the process, from the selection of the product through negotiating the price, placing the order and quality control to storage in the warehouse.


Technique and organisation, the foundations of elegance.

Our clients are unrivalled masters of style, with resources able to get the very best out of sales channels. The communication strategies and campaigns they deploy are traditionally placed on the leading edge, often dictating the languages and approaches of the future.

For our part, Atelier Stimamiglio is proud of the effective contribution we make to the industrialisation and production of their creations. Sound organisation, experience and technique, enriched and bolstered with each passing year and each collection, are placed at the disposal of our partners; we are aware of just how indispensable they are, especially for smaller, less structured firms.

Specifically, our staff are able to take care of:

_ Technical specifications
_ Consumption
_ Sourcing raw materials
_ CAD data (development and positioning)
_ Quality control of 100% of production

All production data is processed and managed using CLOUD ERP and PDM software.


Atelier Stimamiglio - Lo staff

Top-flight staff, organised to give their very best.

Expertise, experience, taste and dedication: it’s the people that are the key to Atelier Stimamiglio’s success. Each one is part of the company’s framework or adds a detail that enhances it, acquiring added value and importance as part of a smoothly crafted set of complementary activities and abilities. Creative talent and craftsmanship skill go hand in hand to ensure accuracy and the ability to stay one step ahead of developments.

Sales and communication offices, planning and logistics systems, research, development and purchasing, models office, CAD office, quality and production experts, tailoring department: each one operating independently, staffed by top-class professionals able to judge, advise, decide and operate with impressive efficacy and to interface successfully with clients.

Together, we form a perfectly coordinated, organised team: this is the true strength of what we do, our trump card.