Internship in our Atelier: today we meet Anna Pertegato.

Anna Pertegato is the 22-year-old student from Vicenza that is completing her summer internship in our Atelier Stimamiglio: she attended ITS Cosmo Fashion Coordinator classes in Padua, where she decided to continue her education after attending Istituto Montagna in Vicenza.

“I chose to attend ITS Cosmo because the educational proposal was very complete, involving many subjects that I didn’t have the chance to study during high school: economics, marketing but also technical classes like Photoshop and Illustrator. The professors work daily in those fields and the school gets the students to understand everything that concerns the creation and development of a fashion collection.”

Anna has a particular preference for school subjects such as prototyping and model making, which is why she immediately expressed her desire to do an internship at Atelier Stimamiglio.

“I already knew the company very well and I asked immediately to have a working experience here: as soon as I got here I was introduced to processing phases such as sewing and garments quality control. What struck me most here is the fact that each prototype maker has her own specialization and the work is therefore organized by assigning each of them a specific client. I really understood how particular and very important is the professional skills and background of each single person.”

For the final project that needs to be done for her school, Anna is collaborating with other students on a work project dedicated to a men’s clothing from Rome: they have to create and develo garments using CAD for 2D and a specific software for 3D. In the end, each student will also be asked to prepare a mini collection inspired by the theme of travel.

For her future, Anna has clear ideas: “There is no specific brand I would like to work for: I am sure of my post-diploma path, I want to specialize in prototyping and model making and maybe have a job in a special place like this“.

We are very happy to meet young people that are eager to learn, passionate and enthusiastic. Contributing to transfer our skills and our professionalism to these students represents a very important goal for us and for the future of next generations.