Atelier Stimamiglio - Saper fare Italiano

40 years of know-how:
Our History.

Atelier Stimamiglio was founded in Vicenza in 1979, but its roots stretch back further, spanning the career of its founder, Laura Stimamiglio, initially as an artisan and subsequently as an entrepreneur.

She began her career as a dressmaker in one of the pioneering firms of the sector in Italy, which worked with Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin and Sorelle Fontana, before going on to become technical manager of a leather wear company and later founding her own business. This career path has equipped her with able hands, a confident eye and an attentive, open, expert approach to the sector: a professional baggage of incalculable value in the fashion production chain.

The outstanding work we do continues to reflect the quality of the business’s founder, which she discreetly applies to supervising the production processes. It is these qualities that make Atelier Stimamiglio the very essence of Italian know-how of the highest order.

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Atelier Stimamiglio is a modern business that today employs the finest design and production technology available in the fashion sector, using software it has partly developed independently, based on the company’s lengthy experience and designed to respond to specific needs.
This important step forward has been encouraged by Laura’s son, Stefano Stenta, who has been working for the company since 1992 and who created the pattern-making and prototyping department.

Stefano is currently the figure driving the innovation and dynamic approach of the business: the invaluable abilities and sound, reliable approach he has developed have been put to good use to project the company out towards the rest of the world and into the future, making Atelier Stimamiglio very much an habitué of the fashion shows and showrooms that count.