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Atelier Stimamiglio and “OrientaInsegnanti” on Impresadiretta

Creating a connection between business world and school world before “Alternanza Scuola/Lavoro” project: this has been the main goal of "Orientainsegnanti" by Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza. At the beginning of this school year, school teachers enter our Atelier and visited our company to better understand what kind

Atelier Stimamiglio meets the teachers

On September 10th, we have met some teachers of schools in our area and we have had the chance to introduce them our company, our innovation in production processes, our business organization and the strong value of human resources. This precious meeting took place within the

Stimamiglio Atelier for young designers of the future

Fashion Game is an initiative coordinated by Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza and aims to bring fashion companies closer to fashion schools, promoting not only a contact between the two worlds but to allow students to really get involved through the race and play with their own