bottiglia riutilizzabile acciaio Atelier Stimamiglio

Atelier Stimamiglio begins its journey towards sustainability.

Starting February 2020, our company has introduced an important training and repositioning activity for our business.

Starting from February, our Atelier started an important activity dedicated to the internal team: we are taking part in an important 12-month project that aims at encouraging the strategic repositioning of our company, according to the Life Cycle Management approach. 

Our aim is therefore to lead the company into a market where you have to develop the ability to intercept “mega trends”. These trends are first and foremost climate change, the relationship between a circular economy and innovation, and the impact on business models of new organizational skills and “hybrid” professionalism. 

We know that this can be achieved through adequate knowledge and having the tools to recognize and apply these trends to three strategic assets: economic, environmental and social.

Atelier Stimamiglio intend to better implement the virtuous mechanisms of propagation of good corporate practices and improve our company position within our reference markets compared to our competitors. 

Our business development activities will promote sustainable development objectives, as they have been defined by the UN:

  • Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, fun and productive employment and a decent job for all.
  • Build resilient infrastructures, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.
  • Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, flexible and sustainable.
  • Guarantee sustainable consumption and production models.
  • Take urgent measure to fight climate change and its consequences. 

Follow us through this decisive and fundamental moment: we will talk about it on our website and through our social channels in the next months.

On the cover of this article you can spot our first step in this direction: we have eliminated plastic bottles and plastic glasses inside our company.

Each one of us is now using a reusable steel bottle.